UP: Inmates at Kaushambi prison learn landscaping and turn the prison into a stage | Allahabad News

PRIYAGRAJ: Think of a prison and the image that instantly flashes in the mind is of a block of rows of dimly lit cells with iron screen doors, small windows and a compound bounded by high walls with fences razor or broken glass on top.
If the above is true for you, then a visit to Kaushambi District Jail will definitely leave you shocked as you will witness a green garden with trees and a large pond with crystal clear blue water in which a raft of ducks paddling and floating while quacking.
Kaushambi District Jail Superintendent Rakesh Singh told TOI, “A group of 20 inmates worked two hours in the morning and evening every day after conceptualizing this and doing this landscaping. They used their creativity and have made places look attractive and appealing through landscaping and gardening, and their efforts are appreciated everywhere.
Landscaping is an art of making land attractive by altering the design, adding ornamental elements, and planting trees, shrubs, flowering plants, and ornamental plants.
“This first happened in Uttar Pradesh when inmates of a prison carried out a unique landscaping of the prison campus and made it attractive, lively and striking,” Singh added.
Our two inmates, who have learned landscaping and gardening techniques, are training their fellow inmates so that they can make a career out of it when they get out, the district jail superintendent added.
Director General of Prisons, UP, Anand Kumar also acknowledged the landscaping of the Kaushambi district prison and applauded the efforts of the inmates. In a tweet by his official handle, the DG said, “This breathtaking scene is not from any resort, but it is Kaushambi District Jail. Our inmates are learning landscaping and gardening.”
The landscaping video has gone viral on social media and continues to rack up likes from viewers.

Terri S. Tomasini