Umbra Triflora Hanging Window Planter Indoor Herb Garden Review

You work hard to keep your herb garden alive, so you deserve a planter that showcases them in style. Umbra’s Triflora Hanging Window Planter is exactly what you need for elevating (literally and figuratively!)

The planter, which includes three separate 3-inch pots attached by ropes to a rail that can be attached to the wall or ceiling, is adjustable, so you can hang each pot at different heights or make them uniform, depending on your preference. The pots were inspired by the shape of church bells, and the set is available in two colors to match your decor: black and white, or white and brass. Moreover, it is not only elegant, either-Each flowerpot is made of melamine, so they are virtually unbreakable. And mounting in your window allows your plants to get plenty of sunlight, which means your herbs will continue to thrive. It’s like unlocking a whole new level of green thumb.

Of course, you are not limited to planting herbs in the Triflora Hanging Planter. While recommended for indoor herb gardens, it is also a good choice for succulents and other small plants. You can tag this planter on Amazon for $ 41.99, or check out other fun and Umbra planters below.

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Terri S. Tomasini