This herb garden has been designed with smart monitoring technology and fits inside your kitchen cabinet to save space!

We’ve all killed a plant or two, let’s face it. Gardening isn’t for everyone, but it is certainly nice to have some fresh herbs to add to your meals. Imagine making a bomb pizza and realizing you don’t have any basil (gasps!). To avoid such catastrophes, even those of us who don’t have a green thumb do our best to keep herbs in our kitchen. The only downside is that having five small pots takes up a lot of counter space and can attract bugs as well. Leaving the grasses on the window is not an option as they will not survive the extreme weather conditions and maybe the birds will get there before you do. But this herb garden design takes care of all of those minor inconveniences while ensuring your plants thrive!

The design allows you to have access to fresh greenery 365 days a year without sacrificing counter space or causing mess. It’s compact and works great for small city apartments or large suburban homes. What makes this herb garden unique is its compactness because it makes it invisible in your kitchen space. For this, designer Igor Abakumov was inspired by his own life experience. “My mom is a real virtuoso in the kitchen and she often complains about the lack of specific vegetables in the store. And then I had the idea of ​​designing a vegetable garden that will be integrated into the kitchen and will delight in greenery all year round, ”he explains.

Simply named Home Garden, this nifty design is essentially a herbal drawer built into the kitchen. It comes with a built-in smart system that monitors the humidity and temperature of the plants, as well as their freshness and readiness for use. It’s 2021, so of course this can all be sorted out right from your phone. Home Garden is one of the nominations for the 2021 James Dyson Awards.

Designer: Igor Abakumov

Terri S. Tomasini