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The Thames Family Market Garden Capable of Feeding Hundreds of People | 1 NEWS

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A Thames family passionate about growing their own vegetables has created a garden that feeds hundreds of people.

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Israeli immigrants now organize classes for others to create their own gardens. Source: Seven Sharp

The Kay family moved from Israel to New Zealand at the end of 2012, when they started working on their quarter-acre slice of paradise.

Pakaraka Farm is a food oasis that not so long ago was covered with soil that struggled to contain life.

“Before I came here, it was just compacted ground,” Yotam Kay told Seven Sharp.

Now it is an organic powerhouse – a small-scale market garden capable of growing over 10,000 kg of produce in eight months of intense cultivation.

That’s enough to feed around 200 to 250 families, he said.

“There has been so much learning over the last decade about small-scale and very intensive market gardening. “

“If we do it, a lot of people can do it,” Niva Kay added. “It’s not rocket science. It’s really, really easy. There are a few basics you need to understand.

“Our passion is to share.

Now that is exactly what the two men are doing by holding workshops to educate others about the systems behind their success.

“The more people who grow food and take care of the soil, the better,” Niva said.

Yotam added that more people should be growing vegetables in their gardens “because it’s the future of food.”

The couple have since combined their 30 years of experience to create a backyard bible, The Abundant Garden, to teach the masses – and possibly even go bankrupt.

“I would be the happiest person if everyone grew food in their own backyard and didn’t need to buy us produce,” Yotam said.

“I can see a future where 50-80% of all fresh vegetables are grown in people’s gardens, because the vegetable garden at home has many advantages. “

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