The Kiwis’ hilarious responses to an American politician

Kiwis on Twitter gathered to respond to Republican senator from Arizona, United States, who says she has received “a lot of emails” from New Zealanders complaining about Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and the “camps Covid “in New Zealand.

Wendy Rogers, a Conservative senator from Arizona, says emails come in from Kiwis “who are happy that I am denouncing their premier commie.” The politician then hinted that New Zealand had “Covid camps” and called Ardern “crazy work”.

The tweet caught the attention of New Zealanders who responded with good old Kiwi humor.

“Wendy, we are not allowed to plant our own gardens and not enough people are doing it because our internet access is so strictly timed and controlled by the government,” wrote one Twitter user Kiwi, adding that “we have to use special black. market routers just to access certain things “.

“I am so happy that you are sharing this truth, I live in fear that our illegal garden will be discovered by the midnight helicopter sweeps in our neighborhood,” replied another Twitter user. “The weeds that grow there can only hide it for so long. When will the UN speak out?

“However, the Covid camps are the only place we are allowed to garden, some people fake positive tests just to have time to tend to the vegetables and grow flowers to take back to their families. This has led to the dissolution of the black market in flowers.
Such a hellish hole, ”someone else said.

Another Twitter user brought up another topic that is close to the hearts of some Republican politicians in the United States: the Christmas war:

“It’s even worse than that. They’re forcing us to celebrate Christmas in the middle of summer. Please spread the word about this outrage,” the Twitter user wrote.

Many Kiwi users on Twitter also responded to the politician supporting Trump by referring to the death toll from Covid in his own country and other issues.

Other users said it was not possible for the Arizona politician to receive emails from many New Zealanders because computer use is not legal in the country.

Rogers called Ardern “Lenin with the hair” last week.

Terri S. Tomasini