Supritha Satyanarayan’s tips for having a mini herb garden

Popular Kananda TV face Supritha Sathyanarayan who wins hearts as Maithili in
Seetha Vallabha and busy with Telugu Drama series –
Abbayi of Savitrammagari, told us about another secret passion of hers – gardening. The talented Supritha recently spoke about her most recent skill learned during lockdown and its benefits. During confinement, she stayed with her grandmother where she learned gardening and planting and developed quite a green thumb.

The actress has also transformed a corner of her house into a mini garden. “That’s what I try to do in between my jobs. The benefits of having a mini garden are that it can be your go-to place for finding healthy plants and leaves. a family garden are so people can grow whatever they want, like methi leaves and aloe vera, which is in my garden, ”says Supritha.

“And it doesn’t take a lot of time and growing such herbs and plants is hassle-free,” explains the actress who shows us how to grow methi leaves in a pot. “And, in a week, the leaves can be used to make sambar and various other dishes. I would like people to try growing food in their own mini garden to be healthy and that one feel proud of what they have grown and used, ”she says.

Terri S. Tomasini