| February 5: Learn the basics of sustainable landscaping in a free SCV water course

Thinking of starting your landscaping or gardening project this spring? The Santa Clarita Valley Water Agency will show you where to start with a free course to learn the basics of sustainable landscaping.

Learn about the basics included in sustainable landscaping, including ways to conserve natural resources, be careful with water, and always have a landscape that meets your needs and looks beautiful.

Join the free SCV Water Virtual Gardening Course, Basics of Sustainable Landscaping, Saturday, February 5 at 9 a.m.

Sign up to learn from our expert teacher, John Windsor, Certified Arborist and Certified Nurseryman from California, why plant pruning is a necessary part of gardening that helps improve plant growth and longevity.

“Discover the principles that can help make your landscape more water-efficient and more climate-adaptable SCV while reducing maintenance and producing less green waste,” said Tim Wheeler, Owner and Chief Instructor of The Wheeler Company .

Participants can expect the course to last approximately one hour, followed by a question and answer session. If you miss the live class, all presentations are recorded and can be viewed on the SCV Water website one week after the class.

Gardening classes are free, but participants must register before the event. To register, visit the Basics of Sustainable Landscaping Course or to view the 2022 course schedule, visit: SCV Water Gardening Course.

The Santa Clarita Valley Water Agency is a full-service regional water agency located in the Santa Clarita Valley. SCV Water provides water service to approximately 75,000 commercial and residential customers. It was formed on January 1, 2018, when local water suppliers joined together into one integrated regional water supplier.

Terri S. Tomasini