Salisbury Bancorp: Eight Hot Landscaping Trends

August 19, 2022

There are many reasons to change the landscaping of your home. It can increase property value, reduce outdoor chores, create new places to gather and entertain, provide food – maybe even spark a little friendly rivalry between neighbors. We’ve spotted landscaping trends and compiled a list of popular ways to enhance your outdoor experience.

  1. Don’t just mow the lawn, cut it. Less lawn means fewer hours spent mowing, fertilizing and tending, and requires less water and chemicals.
  2. Look for. Vertical gardening maximizes space in small yards. Pick a wall, build a frame, fill the pockets with soil, and tuck in the plants. Voila, instant garden!
  3. Go native. Sustainability is in vogue: 67.2 million households bought at least one plant to benefit pollinators or birds in 2020. Replacing or supplementing your garden with native plants helps attract pollinators and support local wildlife, including including birds, bees and butterflies. Some people are also starting to leave certain elements of the garden untouched; volunteer plants and trees and dead leaves provide food or shelter for local species.
  4. Xeriscape to defeat climate change. Xeriscaping is the practice of designing landscapes to reduce or eliminate water consumption. Sure, we don’t live in the desert, but who wouldn’t like to be free from sprinklers and pipes? Plus, it’s good for the planet.
  5. Plant your next meal. During the pandemic, more and more people have dug into the gratification of growing their own food. Many types of edible plants — think herbs, cabbages, beans with purple flowers — can be just as appealing as traditional flowers. And nothing tastes better than a freshly picked tomato from your own backyard. Raised beds make gardening easier and generally reduce weeding and watering.
  6. Create outdoor “rooms” for entertaining, relaxing or enjoying nature. Over the past few years, most of us have spent a lot of time at home. Why not expand your options by creating oases around your deck, patio and/or porch? Potted plants have never been so warm – and you can also bring your favorite plants indoors to brighten up your winter. Outdoor kitchens, pavilions, fireplaces or pits, pergolas are very trendy.
  7. Take it easy – and keep it simple. According to Forbes magazine, streamlined, low-maintenance landscaping is a hot trend for 2022. Plant flower boxes instead of digging the ground for flower beds, encourage vines for privacy, replace Time-consuming lawns by paved or gravelled seating areas or walkways – the opportunities for uncluttered gardening are endless. The bonus: less maintenance and more time to enjoy your surroundings.
  8. Make the summer last. Infrared heat lamps, fire pits and fireplaces, and motorized shades can be used to heat and shade porches, decks, patios and more outdoors living spaces, extending your outdoor season.

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