Safdarjung Hospital opens herb garden and water dispenser


Safdarjung Hospital, one of the largest public tertiary hospitals in India with over 1,500 beds, has taken a unique step to ensure a more educational and relaxed atmosphere for its patients, attendants and staff.

The hospital has set up an herb garden which houses several species of medicinal plants, including giloy, bryophyllum, tulsi, mint, tez patta, aloe vera, kari patta, shatavari, peppermint and asparagus.

The garden was inaugurated as part of the Swachh Bharat campaign by the hospital’s medical superintendent, Professor Rajendra Sharma.

The aim is to introduce the idea of ​​cleanliness and to offer an oasis of peace and a break with the monotony from which any public hospital suffers, said a senior health official. The garden is the first of many projects planned for the hospital.

“This [herb garden] is a very small initiative that the hospital has taken to create a more welcoming environment. We are looking first to maintain this garden … then we will see how we can improve it, ”said a hospital official.

Painted walls

Besides the garden, the hospital has taken several other measures. “We installed a water dispenser and had our walls painted by children from the Delhi Public Police School. This is part of hospitals’ efforts to follow the Centre’s’ Kayakalp ‘initiative for public health facilities, ”a senior hospital official said.

The Kayakalp initiative encourages public health facilities to work towards standards of excellence to help them stay clean and hygienic.

“The initiative does not only apply to physical cleanliness … it also aims to develop and implement systems and procedures for activities such as bio-waste disposal. The initiative towards full ‘swacchta’ in public health facilities aims to build user confidence in public health facilities, provide quality service and encourage teamwork, ”a statement noted. by the Union Ministry of Health.


Terri S. Tomasini