Ring in the novelty: plants for 2022 | Gardening tips

In winter vacation, away from the daily madness of my normal work schedule, one of my favorite annual rituals is digging through the latest batch of seed catalogs. For me, there is something so therapeutic about escaping from planning a summer to come, of color and life, curled up safely in the shelter of the cold on the couch. With so many beautiful and quirky new introductions on the horizon for 2022, here are four that really caught my eye.

As someone a little obsessed with trying old and new tomato varieties, when I heard about a new, great tasting dwarf variety, I had to dig deeper into my research. Measuring only about 70cm tall, ‘Patio Plum’ has a very compact and stocky growing habit with curious crumpled leaves that look a bit like a Savoy cabbage, making it much more visually striking than its rather name. boring doesn’t suggest it. Unlike pretty much every other variety, this doesn’t produce side shoots, which we normally have to spend centuries pruning, and also offers a very respectable fruit yield with a classic, rich tomato flavor.

If you are looking for perennials, Festuca ‘Sunrise’ is a real spectacle for me. This deep green variety which comes in a range of sunrise hues as it blooms in summer and intensifies as the leaf tips join the show in the cooler months, creates an ombre effect. mind-blowing graduated. They are a great choice for any bright spot with well-draining soil.

Little wonder: ‘Little Miss Figgy’ is a super dwarf cultivar that never exceeds in size. Photograph: imagebroker / Alamy

True blue flowers are actually incredibly rare in nature, and that’s because the compounds used to create this shade are metabolically difficult to make. Some garden designers I have heard will ask job applicants to list 20 blue flowers as the ultimate test of plant knowledge, and Corydalis ‘Blue Heron’ is as blue as it gets. With electric azure blossoms bursting each spring against soft, fern foliage, it looks like this is a CGI species taken from scenes in Avatar. It’s a perfect dappled shade plant that will stop visitors in their tracks in early summer.

Finally, if fruits and vegetables are your passion, can I suggest a new variety of figs that really deserves to be studied further. ‘Little Miss Figgy’ is a super dwarf cultivar which, at around three feet, never exceeds in size. With finely divided leaves resembling snowflakes, on plants resistant to at least -15 ° C and suitable for container cultivation, she seems to have it all. A word of caveat: I haven’t tried their flavor yet, but frankly, anything would be better than the watery “Brown Turkey” that currently dominates the market.

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Terri S. Tomasini