Professor Chandler Named to Bench and Bar Bankruptcy Committee – Georgia State University News – College of Law, Faculty & Research, Press Releases

ATLANTA — The Northern District of Georgia Bankruptcy Court has selected a visiting assistant professor B. Summer Chandler to serve on its bench and bar committee in January.

Established in 2013, the 20-member committee promotes effective communication about legal proceedings, local rules, and other issues that affect various constituencies in the bankruptcy community. Chandler’s primary responsibilities on the committee include developing a quarterly newsletter distributed to members of the Georgia bankruptcy community.

Other committee members include the clerk of the court, chief deputy clerk, clerk to the chief justice, Chapter 13 administrators, a representative of the U.S. trustee, Chapter 7 administrators, and attorneys for debtors and creditors.

“I’m honored to have been selected as a committee member,” Chandler said. “I believe that law schools should be part of and contribute to their legal community. As a committee member, I can continue to develop the relationship between the two in a way that benefits the bar and the court.

Chandler oversees Georgia state law Bankruptcy Assistance and Practice Program (BAPP) and Pro Se Support Centersupervising students who handle consumer chapter 7 and other bankruptcy-related cases and litigation for people without access to legal assistance.

“Both the BAPP and the Pro Se Assistance Center benefit both the students and the clients they serve, and the Atlanta bankruptcy community has been exceptionally supportive of both,” Chandler said.

As a committee member, Chandler plans to involve his BAPP students in writing case summaries of recent decisions from the Northern District of Georgia Bankruptcy Court and potentially other bankruptcy courts. The bankruptcy community will be able to view the summaries in the periodic newsletter or online.

“Students will reduce lengthy court opinions to succinct summaries, saving lawyers valuable time,” Chandler said. “Students are excited and appreciate the opportunity to be exposed to judges and practitioners by being listed as authors, while making a real contribution with their work,” Chandler said.

Terri S. Tomasini