Local landscaping company goes green

The Cambridge landscape company seeks to create environmentally sustainable spaces while reducing their carbon footprint.

Adam Braun strongly believes in environmental sustainability.

That’s why, after many years in the landscaping industry, he founded Belleview Landscapes in 2020, with the primary goal of creating an all-green operation with a focus on sustainability.

“Sustainability is at the top of our core values, it’s our main focal point,” Braun said.

According to Braun, many companies in the sector use the term “green” or “sustainable”, but in his opinion, being sustainable is more than just a label.

“It’s easy for a landscape contractor or anyone who works outdoors to say they’re green, but I don’t think that’s a good assessment, working outdoors doesn’t inherently make you green,” said Brown.

Belleview is always looking for ways to make itself more environmentally friendly. They use gardening and tree care techniques that allow for future growth and preservation of plant material. Cambridge landscapers are also minimizing their carbon footprint as much as possible and plan to make their entire fleet of vehicles fully electric.

“We make decisions about how we can reduce our carbon footprint. All of our equipment is battery powered and whenever something new comes to market, we will pursue that. Our goal is to be the first company in Ontario that can say it’s all-electric,” Braun said.

When entering a new space, Braun and his team look for plant material native to that specific area to ensure they don’t plant any invasive species. They also take into consideration water drainage and stormwater management. Braun said: “It’s a question of long-term resilience and whether it can withstand a number of different negative external factors.

“Every time we design a garden, we make sure it’s done in a way that improves the condition of the soil and that we have the mulch from the proper source and that it contributes positively to the environment,” Braun said. .

The green entrepreneur also believes that many local climate problems can be solved by landscapers.

“I think many of the problems that our communities face with the climate can be solved by landscapers. We can improve stormwater management by effectively designing landscapes and gardens,” Braun said.

Belleview begins to offer the construction of vegetable gardens to help people grow their own produce, especially at a time when food prices are soaring. They also have bees on their northern farm and plan to attract more people to beekeeping. If someone chose to have berry bushes or other food-producing plants, these bees would help pollinate and contribute to the renewal of the environments in which they live.

“If communities, homeowners and business owners use the spaces they have to have chickens, bees, grow food, grow herbs, that addresses a lot of issues in our community,” said Brown.

They want to ensure that every aspect of their business meets their core value of sustainability. This only affects their work and how they treat their employees. Braun said they pay their workers more than the average contractor and want their employees to be able to live comfortably.

Belleview’s mission is to impact every workplace, transforming it into an environmentally sustainable and usable space. Braun pointed out that it’s not a scary idea and can be done affordably and effectively.

“Sustainability in your own space, in your home and office is achievable and accessible. It’s not a scary business, you just need the right professionals to guide you through this process to help you make the right decisions,” Braun said.

Terri S. Tomasini