Linlithgow new microbrewery launched in market garden

Brett Welch, Founder and Head Brewer of Strangers Brewing Co. at Narrowboat Farm.
Brett Welch, Founder and Head Brewer of Strangers Brewing Co. at Narrowboat Farm.

Narrowboat Farm-based Strangers Brewing plans to start brewing this winter, having converted a former vegetable shed into a microbrewery. The range will include craft lagers, lagers, bitter beers, red beers, porters and stouts, with specialties influenced by the seasons and what can be picked on the farm.

Customers will be able to join a community of members who will provide them with a monthly beer subscription.

Brett Welch, Founder and Head Brewer, explained, “We wanted to make beers that people would really enjoy, in a way that was rooted in the local landscape and the local community. Strangers will be a sustainable business and will give back to the farm where we are based.

15-04 Farm, Linlithgow.

The brewery takes its name from the motto of the city of Linlithgow: “St Michael is kind to foreigners”. All customers who join the membership, subscribing to monthly beer deliveries or supporting a crowdfunder, will be invited to share their comments and suggestions for future beer promotions.

Brett added, “The name is meaningful to us because the way we have built our business is to invite everyone to be a part of it – they are no longer strangers.

“We know people appreciate good, authentic, locally sourced beers, and they’ll be in great company here. “

Opportunities to participate in the brewery will begin almost immediately, as Strangers Brewing Co. will launch a crowdfunding to help raise the funds needed to purchase their brewing kit and convert existing farm ponds into new wetland habitat to help raise money. manage the drainage of the brewery.

More announcements on this will be made next month when the crowdfunder opens.

Terri S. Tomasini