Lichfield Museum’s herb garden named ‘exceptional’ by national initiative

The garden at a Lichfield museum has been rated “exceptional” by a national program.

Erasmus Darwin House herb garden

The honor was awarded to the Erasmus Darwin House herb garden by the It’s Your Neighborhood program of the Royal Horticultural Society.

The initiative is a non-competitive program designed to encourage groups to “green” their local areas.

A spokesperson said:

“When the town of Lichfield decided not to enter Blooming Britain this year, the organizers encouraged us to try the It’s Your Neighborhood program instead, especially as that would mean we would be accessible on our own. merits.

“We are delighted to have achieved ‘exceptional’ status.

Spokesperson for Erasmus Darwin House

The Herb Garden is made up of several areas including the Culinary Garden which reflects the use of herbs and spices in Georgian cooking and cleaning.

Other areas include:

  • Dr Darwin’s medicine chest which includes plants directly referenced to Dr Darwin’s writings.
  • The Apothecary’s Garden which includes traditional herbs believed to have been provided by 18th century apothecaries.
  • The Dyers Garden which includes examples of plants that could have been used by professional dyers in the city to produce the natural colors needed for the fabrics.
  • The Perfumed Garden which was developed to bring fragrance and color to the historic home and garden.

For more details, visit the Erasmus Darwin House website.

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Terri S. Tomasini