Landscaping Raises Property Values, But Not Without Challenges Sun Glade

The landscaping of the homes at Fairfield Glade is a source of pride and pleasure.

Each homeowner has their own ideas for the style and extent of their landscaping.

Along with that pride and fun, there is a practical side to landscaping.

Property values ​​are improved by landscaping.

Real estate agents, landscapers and appraisers agree that landscaping increases a home’s value by 5-11% compared to a home with only a lawn. The percentage increase depends on the extent of the landscaping.

Realtors note that some clients will not consider a home with poorly maintained or minimal landscaping.

Realtors also note that a poorly maintained landscape in a neighborhood will discourage potential buyers.

Landscaping at Fairfield Glade can present challenges.

Cumberland County Master Gardeners point out that “Fairfield Glade soil is made up largely of sandstone which is sandy and infertile, low in organic matter and has low pH values. The depth from soil to bedrock is usually 18-24 inches, but can vary from 3 feet to less than 10 inches.

Fortunately, Cumberland County Master Gardeners are a great source of information to help make landscaping efforts a success.

Judy Wade, Master Gardener and resident of Fairfield Glade, has created an article covering the basics of landscaping recommendations and best practices.

This article can be read by accessing it on the Fairfield Glade website ( and clicking on the MY PROPERTY tab.

Happy gardening!

Terri S. Tomasini