Kathy’s Guide to Gardening: Low-maintenance landscaping

By Kathy Esfahani

Want to spruce up your garden but don’t want “high maintenance” plantings? Every flower and plant has some type of upkeep, but you can find evergreen plants and colorful plants that you don’t have to overdo!

Some tips :

  • Base plant choices on more interesting foliage than flowers. Flowers often require more time, dead head and replacement. The foliage can be colorful, have interesting shapes, and have a neat texture. Variegated versions often feature stripes or splashes of color.
  • By using larger, cascading plants, you’ll cover more space with less planting, so less maintenance!
  • Low ground covers spread across the bottom of the beds create a lush and full look.
  • Plants with a pleasing natural shape require less pruning for preferred appearance, and evergreens help reduce maintenance because they stay green all year round.

Conifers: Liriope, Aztec grass, muhly grass, African iris, dwarf fakahatchee, foxtail fern, company garlic

Shrubs: Loropetalum, Gold Mound, Juniper, Jack Frost, Variegated Pittosporum, Asian jasmine

Shade plants: azaleas, Hawaiian ti, ginger, arbicola, apostle iris, flax lily, hydrangea, farfugium, cast iron plant

Drought tolerant: all succulents, Lantana, Baby Sun Rose, Sedum, Gailardia, Dune SunFlower, Agave, Gazania, Crown of Thorns

Base color: Blue Daze, Pentas, Malopodium, Vinca, Gazania, Gailardia, Sedum, Gaura

Happy planting!

Flower of the week: Baby Pink Sun

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