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Fresh herbs can be a glorious addition to any meal. They taste great, are healthy, and can be easily grown on your window sill or kitchen counter. There is nothing quite like chopping some basil that you have grown yourself to throw it on a tomato sauce.

If you’re ready to take the plunge, here is the best way to plant an indoor herb garden that you can enjoy year round.

What herbs should I grow?

Start by determining which herbs you already use the most. Check your fridge and spice rack for the most used herbs. Take a look at some of your favorite recipes, then imagine how much better your meals would be if you could cut some fresh herbs from your own garden.

Coriander, mint, basil, thyme, rosemary, sage, chives and parsley are good candidates for novice gardeners. Later, you can also try bay leaf, chervil, oregano or tarragon.

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How to start an herb garden?

You can grow herbs from seeds, but the fastest way is to buy seedlings. You can find them at your local nursery, or try the gardening department at Home Depot or your local home improvement center.

You can grow herbs side by side in a big pot (just make sure you don’t plant any herbs that need a lot of water and a bit of water next to each other). However, it is preferable that you can devote a little pot for each herb. Label them with a stick or mark the pot with the type of grass. If you run out of space, a stackable pot on several levels works great for growing multiple herbs.


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Make sure the pots have good drainage, as most herbs grow best in moist soil. A quality Garden soil is all you need to repot your herbs from plastic racks to your new pots. Be gentle with your herbs and try not to disturb the delicate root ball when repotting.

How often should I water my herbs?

Herbs require moderate daily watering. With good drainage, you shouldn’t have a problem with overwatering. Unlike many houseplants which can be watered weekly, herbs need a little more water throughout the week.

Cut your herbs with shears instead of pulling them off with your hands. These will leave clean cuts that will do less damage to the plant. Remove the leaves from the top of the plant and allow the larger leaves at the bottom to continue to enjoy the sun.


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How much sun do herbs need?

It is best to provide your herbs with plenty of direct sunlight throughout the day, which is why a window sill is ideal. But if the windowsill is too hot, move your herbs to a cooler place. Experiment with different spaces in your home for best results.

Happy gardening!

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