Illustrated plan for a colorful herb garden

An herb garden can be a very nice and useful addition to any garden. Illustration by John Peterson

The aromatic plants will delight both the nose and the eyes. This beautiful herb garden design incorporates foliage of various colors and textures to produce a visually appealing and fragrant display. The focal point of this design is the rosemary planted in a pretty container. Containers of spearmint and peppermint flank the rosemary, adding height to the garden while keeping these plants from overgrowing.

Weeds are kept to a minimum and the soil is protected with fragrant, low ground covers, including curly parsley, lemon thyme, golden sage, and variegated oregano. This lovely herb garden is not only very beautiful and fragrant, but also very easy to care for – even a gardening beginner can take care of it.

Here are the plants and their positions in the herb garden. Illustration by John Peterson

Terri S. Tomasini