How volunteer gardeners who light up Boston won RHS Gold

The volunteer gardeners in Boston who help make the city proud have been recognized for their outstanding efforts.

Boston in Bloom won its sixth gold medal in the RHS East Midlands in Bloom competition and the judges’ award for the Boston Buoys Decorated Navigation Buoy Trail.

The group was nominated in the category of best permanent landscape for buoys, which tell the story of the city, its people and its surroundings.

In addition to the buoys, the group can be found behind a wildflower meadow off the John Adams Way and an art deco flowerbed sculpture at the station.

Volunteers have spent countless hours working hard in key areas of the city over the past few months, including the Boston Stump, Central Park, Market Place and Irby Place grounds.

Boston in Bloom President Alison Fairman said: “Achieving our sixth gold medal at East Midlands in Bloom is a huge honor and I am delighted that the hard work and dedication of our fantastic local residents has once moreover, been recognized.

The Judges’ Award and Best Permanent Landscape nomination, both for the Boston Buoys installations, show the creative work undertaken by the talented artists who have spent countless hours producing memorials and works of art fantastic and eye-catching was worth it. “

She added, “We have a remarkable team of residents who work in the sun, rain and snow.

“Without them, we wouldn’t have such incredible results.

“My thanks go to the entire Boston in Bloom team, who work tirelessly and in good spirits.

The Boston Mosaic Buoy Trail in Central Park

“Trev Wright and his Boston City Council Parks and Grounds team worked hard on the city’s hanging planters and baskets.

“The East Midlands Railway team, Jo Andrews and the Boston Station Adopters, did an amazing job and we were joined throughout the year by other groups including members from Lincolnshire. Cooperative.

“Additionally, Boston Big Local continues to fund the partnership and receives our greatest gratitude, without whom we could not work to make Boston greener and cleaner.”

The awards come as the Boston Borough Council launched its #Be Boston campaign to build better relationships between the city’s diverse communities and encourage people to stand up for the things they love about this place.

Councilor Richard Austin, Council Heritage Portfolio Holder, said: “I am extremely proud to hear that Boston in Bloom has received its sixth consecutive Gold Award.

“A tremendous amount of hard work, dedication and time is put into maintaining Boston by a team of volunteers led by Alison Fairman.

“They work tirelessly to improve and improve the appearance of our beloved city.

“What an exceptional way for Boston to be recognized by winning gold for six consecutive years in such a prestigious competition.

“The hard work of the volunteers, especially over the past 18 months, has been courageous and is greatly appreciated.

“This hard-working team comes up with new projects every year, aided by Transported Art, which will benefit the city for many years to come.”

An art deco sculpture in the flower bed at Boston Station

This year’s Boston in Bloom judgment took place in July following the cancellation of the 2020 campaign at the height of the coronavirus pandemic.

Boston in Bloom was formed in 2012 and has since grown stronger and stronger and now has over 50 volunteers from all walks of life, with multiple local businesses getting involved each year to support the campaign.

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Terri S. Tomasini