How to set up a raised herb bed

  • Ready-made raised garden bed sized to suit your garden and your needs
  • Gravel
  • Slag or clay pebbles
  • Geotextile fabric
  • Quality vegetable potting mix
  • Wide and rigid wire mesh
  • Wire mesh ties
  • Assortment of seedlings
  • Alfalfa or pea straw mulch

You will also need

Sturdy leather gloves; shovel; tub; metal rake; kitchen or garden scissors; pliers; trowel.

So you know

You don’t need to fill your entire raised garden bed with potting soil. It can get expensive. You only need about 30 cm of substrate for a successful vegetable garden. The gravel layer at the bottom removes the grass and the clay slag or pebbles add height. Then cover with growing medium.

here’s how

Step 1

Remove bricks

Remove the bricks from the edge of the existing bed.

2nd step

Dig up the herbs

Remove the herbs and roots and put the ones you want to keep in a bucket of water.

Step 3

Remove the sod

Remove sod, if necessary, to increase the area of ​​the raised garden bed. Position the ready-made bed on the floor.

Step 4

Fill the base of the raised bed with gravel

Fill the base of the raised bed with a shallow layer of draining gravel, then cover with clay pebbles or slag 40-45cm from the top.

Step 5

Cover with geotextile fabric

Cover with geotextile fabric cut to fit to help prevent the growing medium from falling.

Step 6

Fill with quality vegetable growing medium 10-15cm from the top.

Step 7

Place a wire mesh on the bed

Place a wire mesh on the back of the bed.

Step 8

Join pieces of mesh

Join the mesh pieces with the target mesh ties.

Step 9

Plant herbs

Plant the seedlings, leaving enough space for their adult size. Water in.

Step 10

Spread mulch

Spread mulch over the flower beds to help prevent weed and water evaporation.

Growth advice

Raised herb garden bed

Garden soil is not suitable for growing vegetables. A raised bed allows you to use a nutrient-rich, well-drained growing medium.

Garden bed buying advice

Raised herb garden bed

Raised beds are a great alternative to the buried variety, as they can help reduce back pain while you take care of your plot. Search the Internet for quality corrugated and galvanized Bluescope steel garden beds and Colorbond. Choose from a range of Colorbond colors and a variety of shapes and heights. Available, ready to use, there are also vendors who can customize to your specifications.

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