How to make a chef’s herb garden

The secret to cooking delicious food is using good quality ingredients, and when it comes to fruits and vegetables, nothing beats homemade! So this week, Melissa is lending her gardening skills to our amazing resident chef, Karen Martini, and helping her create a portable vegetable garden. Karen puts all of her new products to good use in a recipe inspired by her stay in southern Spain. With tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and tons of herbs, his gazpacho king prawns are bursting with flavor.

WATCH: Melissa shows you how to make an herb garden for a chef

Do you have enough thyme on your hands? Or basil, parsley, mint or rosemary? Fresh herbs add magic to your meals and the fresher the better, so an herb garden right next to your kitchen is perfect. It serves as inspiration, it smells good and you can make it pretty too.

Sometimes, however, this is not practical. If your garden is a yard or a balcony plant some herbs in a pod or containers then all you need is the sun

Simon griffiths


Simon griffiths

Popular herbs

Many herbs are annuals and have shallow roots, while others are perennials. A few grow in beautiful bushes, and if you have room, pluck your herbs from a tree.

Try to develop these favorites:

Annuals: Basil, parsley, cilantro (full sun, grows like an annual)

Perennials: Mint, thyme, sage, oregano

Ornamental bush: Rosemary (can be grown in pots)

Tree: Bay laurel (can be grown in pots)

Chef's herb garden

Simon griffiths

Chef's herb garden

Simon griffiths

Herbal care

Unless it’s mint – which prefers partial shade – herbs need sun, well-draining soil, or potting soil and water, especially when it’s hot and dry. .

Don’t add too much compost as this will speed up growth and encourage plants to go to seed and sow, and you will lose flavor. Some Mediterranean plants, like rosemary and sage, actually thrive in poor quality soils.

Herb garden

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Dwarf pepper

Simon griffiths

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