How Integral Gardens makes landscaping a moving land


Integral Gardens is spearheading a new practice of creative landscaping and garden experiences that supports more personal, fulfilling, heartfelt and inspiring outdoor spaces.

The demand for truly meaningful and unique outdoor spaces has never been higher – and now a company in the UK is stepping in to create gardens and parks that tell personal stories: Integral Gardens.

2020 has led to a new appreciation for wonderful gardens – with couples, families, retirees and communities all seeking something more on their doorstep after spending so much time at home.

Integral Gardens, based in Midlands, is now spearheading a moving form of landscaping services and unique experiences for a sustainable modern era rooted in roots – making these dream gardens a reality.

Taking a holistic, sincere and creative approach to outdoor spaces, Integral Gardens offers a wide range of innovative consultation, design, maintenance and facilitation of unique experience. services for clients such as creating unique landmarks for the well-being of the family, creating memorial tributes that connect with loved ones, creating pet-friendly gardens, landscaping public parks who support a single shared community goal, work on sustainable business / community project contracts, and even recording unique garden songs from clients who connect to the garden space.
The company offers in-depth, personalized, awareness-based initial consultations called garden maintenance, where the team meets the client and explores their personal relationship on how they want to feel and experience their outdoor space, to find the unique Garden Purpose and Garden Insights to provide a truly personal solution.

Since the founding of ‘garden talks’, Integral Gardens can go beyond building something beautiful and in fact create outdoor spaces that reflect as a dynamic extension of the specific emotional intelligence of the owners, the collective intelligence and ancestral resources – promoting well-being, relaxation, healing, contemplation, socialization and even connection with people of the past through significant elements in memory.

Previous examples of Garden Insights include fountains with inscriptions to express the soul of the garden, white roses to remember loved ones, sheltered trees for protection, restoring the creative tension of clients, connecting businesses holistic assisted by horses with the emotional intelligence of their country, secret gardens to welcome artists. creations and attracting new business, and specific plant colors reflecting the personality of the client’s family (see more on Integral Gardens wallet).

In addition to helping homeowners, Integral Gardens works with gardeners, garden designers, architects, engineers, park managers, students, municipal managers, policy makers and managers of organizations – ensuring that these clients find any information or resources that they may be missing when speaking with their clients. , to provide a service like no other.

Integral Gardens solutions also create spaces where meaning and fulfillment support organizational health. They provide services to park managers and organizations that wish to increase their attendance and overall organizational resilience by responding to their unique organizational-oriented landscaping elements, to be reintroduced into any existing area.

While many services are also provided in person, Integral Gardens continues to provide support around the world – offering online consultation and advice to clients around the world. The company has also recently improved its website to communicate its wide range of novelties services in a more suitable space.

Third-generation gardener Carlo Cecchetti founded the company and works alongside his wife Franziska Pretsch, the couple pooling their respective skills in landscaping and systemic practices to provide a modern landscaping service that reflects the circumstances. unique to their customers.

Carlo said: “With traditional gardening services, there can sometimes be a breakdown in communication between the client and those doing the work, and it feels like something is missing at the end.”

“We solve this. We call ourselves garden facilitators because we create an outlet for the emotional energies and feelings of our clients to experience in outdoor spaces. We take a systems approach to all garden experiences, which we call Integral Gardening, believing that the process is to explore and find the elements that sometimes cannot be described. Sometimes, through our systems approach, we uncover elements of the past unknown to our clients that may support the garden experience today ”.

“By working with clients, we can identify and visualize beyond rational thought what they really want, how it satisfies them and how to create that result in the form of a beautiful garden design or that we can facilitate. as a sincere presence in the garden ”.

“We can provide personal and fulfilling gardens for all kinds of clients – whether they are individuals, couples, organizations or entire communities. We can also create a country of origin and country of immigration park, to facilitate what energies support living abroad ”.

“Because our practices make it easier for people to connect to the earth, our work creates sustainable solutions for dealing with the modern environmental challenges we are increasingly facing”

Visit Integral Gardens website to learn more about the ways you can transform your outdoor space for meaningful achievement today and as a lasting legacy for future generations.
You can get in touch with their friendly team by visiting the company contact page.

About Integral Gardens

Integral Gardens is a landscape and garden experience company for souls – a brand that believes in working closely with clients to explore what they really want and feel in an outdoor space, and make it a unique reality.

Through mindful, artistic and meaningful garden services that range from in-depth consultations such as garden interviews to specially curated creations, Integral Gardens is committed to delivering cutting-edge, sustainable landscaping experiences that facilitate human experiences. like no other.

Integral Gardens was founded in Charles Darwin’s hometown of Shrewsbury, England.

Working with homeowners, businesses and community groups, Integral Gardens also provides tailor-made expertise, solutions and advice to gardeners, architects and managers – with essential support available whenever needed, from the creation of elements. landscaping with meanings unique to ongoing experiences facilitations.

Garden maintenance, design, landscaping, restorations, maintenance, coaching and corporate wellness facilitations are available worldwide, both in person and online.

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