Herb garden grows from billboard in Australian ethical countryside


Australian Ethical is showcasing an herb garden on one of its display panels in Carlton to represent “Australia’s fastest growing super fund”.

Melbourne residents show appetite for new advertising approach

Traditional billboard advertising has been given a makeover with an innovative new herb garden growing in Carlton, a high-visibility area in north Melbourne. Australian Ethical Super, Australia’s fastest growing super fund in 20161, in partnership with leading outdoor media company, APN Outdoor, took a refreshing approach to creating interaction and giving back.
to the community in a completely different and tangible way.

Australian Ethical, a super fund that invests only in businesses that are good for the planet, people and animals, has made a selection of fresh herbs available to the community in the hope that they will encourage locals to engage with their super and think about its social impact.

Australian Ethical Client Manager Allyson Lowbridge said the North Melbourne community is very sensitive to social and environmental issues.

“Research has shown that the people of Carlton are more environmentally conscious and environmentally savvy, with more than 30 percent of them believing the government needs to take urgent action on climate change,” Ms Lowbridge said.

“It is encouraging that 15% believe that companies have a responsibility to tackle environmental problems, and almost 7% believe that they can personally make a difference.

“The project was to use the billboard space in a way that would challenge traditional ways of thinking. People can walk up to the herbs and smell them, smell them, and taste them, and then take those herbs home. Not a “normal experience” for a super fund.

“We’re always looking for really innovative ways to connect with our community and potential customers and we’ll continue to do more in this space to help people realize the power they can have through their super.”

Carlton local Todd Beavis said: “I saw a lot of people stop and take a second look. You see people discussing it and rushing each other to take herbs. It’s a good way to grab people’s attention and create a sense of community at the same time.

Australian Ethical developed this concept of interactive advertising in partnership with APN Outdoor. The innovative “garden” is regularly maintained so that passers-by can enjoy a cup or two of herbs. Charlotte Valente, Managing Director of Marketing at APN Outdoor, commented: “We are delighted to be part of the making of the Australian Ethical campaign, especially when it speaks directly to the heart of communities, in this case Carlton. . The effectiveness of classic billboards is amplified by this engaging activation, a perfect demonstration of the local impact at the broadcast scale ”.

The Herb Garden is available until March 19 at 32 Grattan St, Carlton.


Terri S. Tomasini