Hawthorne Gardening Company changes its distribution model in Canada

Hawthorne Gardening Company (HGC) is changing its distribution model in Canada to better serve its customers and maximize operational efficiency, according to Jennifer Pistillo, director of sales for Hawthorne Canada. The company is moving away from its regional distribution model and consolidating its distribution partners to work with two industry leaders who have developed strong relationships with commercial and retail growers. “We remain fully committed to the industry and the continued development of Hawthorne’s iconic brands (Gavita, General Hydroponics, Botanicare, etc.),” Pistillo wrote in an email to Cannabis business hour.

“This reorganization allows Hawthorne to adapt to new market dynamics, align with strong distribution partners and prepare for what it sees as the future structure of the Canadian market,” said Mr. Pistillo.

Pistillo also noted that the company will continue to serve hydroponic retailers and commercial growers in the Canadian market, but in a different way:

  • HGC will now serve hydroponic retailers through its two new distributor partners: Quality Wholesale and HydroTek Hydroponics.
  • These distributors are committed to providing quality service and share HGC’s customer-focused approach. They will also serve as an extension to the company’s sales team.
  • Several HGC customers are already working with these distributors, “which will streamline their ordering and fulfillment processes,” Pistillo wrote.
  • The company also anticipates that this change will help provide uninterrupted quality service to its retailers and increase inventory availability. Retailers will still be able to purchase HGC products and those they distribute.

The company also finds ways to improve and use its resources to meet the needs of growers, according to Pistillo. HGC is dedicating its sales team to focus on growers, “where custom sales and design are most needed,” she noted. Additionally, the design team “specializes in helping Canadian growers, especially those in the early design phase, resulting in cost savings, increased yields, [and] energy efficiency.”

“This reorganization allows Hawthorne to focus on developing, marketing and supporting its core, iconic Hawthorne brands, which span lighting, nutrients, growing environment, growing media, hardware, etc., and to continue to provide the best technical support in the industry to producers. “Pistillo explained.

In addition to these changes, she noted, HGC is also “scaling up programs that allow for proof-of-concept testing, custom design, and consultation with our team of agronomists and technical sales engineers in all categories”.

HGC also helped build the Kelowna Research Station in British Columbia, an R&D facility dedicated to cannabis cultivation research; the company now owns and operates it solely, “having purchased the facility from Flowr and obtained licenses to operate it directly without Flowr’s involvement,” Pistillo said.

Terri S. Tomasini