Good plants have gone to seed in the Hornbach spring garden

The spot ends with the slogan “Come to Hornbach. Before your garden does.”

“Unleashed” is a playful nudge on the springtime responsibilities of gardeners or planters. Now is the time to replant if necessary, refresh the beds, fertilize, prune with love, remove old plants before they lose their seeds and introduce new ones before you have any. need.

It’s dashing season! And if you can’t be trusted to make sure your pollinator friends are at their best, well… they’ll just steal your car. Self-care is a real priority these days.

“Every new campaign is an obligation for us to add a remarkable new chapter for customers to the Hornbach brand book,” says Thomas Schnaitmann, Hornbach’s Head of International Brand. “Always the project construction market at its heart, always unexpected and fresh in its packaging.”

In December, Hornbach’s “Of you” offered the quiet but relatable frustrations of DIYers who have completed a project, only to find there’s a minor, infuriating problem. This ad ended in a way that seemed particularly appropriate for the holiday season: it’s the artistry of mistakes, or your imperfect corrections, that serve as a gift to the creation.

The difference in tone between this work and this one is striking, but only if you’re not familiar with the brand. Hornbach has a knack for sudden oscillations, like your truly random friend. It gave us DIY contemporary art with Ai Weiwei, the tragicomedy of a shrunken man, and incredibly zen public toilets, among others (who will ever forget this classic? Or this one?).

But the red thread is his sense of the heart. There are many reasons why you may engage in DIY, repair or gardening work; the pandemic has certainly increased interest in such projects. Whatever the reasons, you somehow want it all to be question when it’s done, or even in the process of doing it. So a lot of his previous commercials were about catharsis, or fantasy, or locating an inner wild version of yourself.

“Unleashed” is about the other side of the coin: responsibility. When you invest so much time, care and effort into your environment, you have something more than a hobby; it’s a relationship, a conversation. Unsurprisingly, the things you started interacting with start expecting things from you.

This is clearest in the lyrics of the commercial’s hair-metal-inspired song: “Fertilize us. Respect us!”

“Unleashed” will appear on television in varying sized iterations and in theaters. It is accompanied by a series of 15-second announcements:

“Special effects?!” is a fictionalized interview with the director of the commercial.
“Divas on Set” reveals the setbacks of the infallibly talented director.

The last three commercials stray from “behind the scenes” and instead do some sort of scary, but acceptable, scary story. The pitch is that an impending thing scares a plant, but it actually turns out to be beautiful.

“The Rake of the Night”
“Scissors or Horror”
“Fertilizer in the Dark”


Campaign: “Unleashing”
Spot name: “Come to HORNBACH. Before your garden does.”
Media (international): cinema, TV, OOH (18/1, CLP, DOOH, ambient), social networks, POS, radio, website, banners

Time range:
From March 18, the teasing phase of the campaign starts in the DACH region.
The official launch of the campaign is then March 26.
Other regions will follow.

Agency: Heimat Berlin
Production: Stink Berlin
Producer: Traktor
Music: Finger Music and sound design
Sound design: David Arnold (LOFT)

Terri S. Tomasini