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By spending time at home, everyone has found their solace, their comfort zone, or even that thing they now love to do – or you could even say, a habit that has turned into therapy. It was a rather educational year and a year of evolution. Hobbies have been our biggest escape this year – for some it was cooking, trying new dishes and for some decorating their homes for a more homely feel and the paint has surely taken off. ‘magnitude. For many people, it was also nature.

For me, nature is the greatest source of energy maximization and is a great combination of good health and positivity as it exposes us to the five elements. It is a great source of stillness, tranquility and peace, as is desired in today’s concrete jungles. Gardening, plants and greens have always been my therapy. Give me a space and I will turn it into a green oasis. The smell of petrichorium and the scent of jasmine are enough to shake things up. Getting your hands dirty with mud or setting up a corner to add that unique “green” touch is pure bliss.

I have met many people who often ask me, “We don’t have this huge space to have our own garden, so do you have any suggestions on how we can add that ‘green’ touch to our surroundings? So here I am, trying to explore and come up with some ideas.

The green wall

Find an empty wall that’s a great place to add greens. Buy small hanging planters. Or if you’re the creative type, do them.

Create a row with these planters, or maybe two, and if you have more space, even more. You can also create a pattern with these hanging planters.

Nail them to the wall and let the installation begin. Once you’ve fixed the planters, find some houseplants that will add spice to your home.

My recommendation would be the oxygen bombs as I affectionately call them. Plants like the spider plant, Syngonium (I love blush roses), sansevieria or the peace lily.

Obtain small buds from your local supplier nearby and put a root in each planter.

Water them and in a few weeks your wall is ready to become a living wall.

The green corner

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a garden because you can still have a green spot for yourself

You could complain that I need a huge floor space to have my own garden, but sometimes a corner is enough! Not every space in your home is occupied with the essentials, some corners just need to be turned into something different.

Get some bushy potted plants, maybe a few Xanadu plants, a tall palm tree, a few aglaonema for an explosion of color and place them in clusters in this corner. Add some green decor and you’re good to go!

If you are the Zen type, add a Buddha statue and some round stones to give it a warm look. You can even use the green rugs which are easily available in the market. Place them and add small stools or even cushions in a corner, and voila, you have your own personal green corner!

Green Balcony

Many people are provided with balcony space and it is your free hand to experiment.

I would recommend a patio garden design. Add hardwood floors to your balcony, create a corner with a stepped wood design that allows you to place your plants horizontally, row after row.

Let your balcony railings have an extension that will allow you to keep potted plants or hang potted plants.

Choose patio furniture that is neither too big nor too small (may vary depending on the size of your balcony).

Add potted plants, like flowers depending on weather conditions, or add bougainvillea or vines.

Alternatively, create an herb garden with aloe vera, tulsi, basil, and lemongrass.

You can even hang planters and wind chimes from your ceiling and let them create a symphony.

You can even add a swing and let the breeze do the rest of the magic.

Monika Poddar is the owner of the Chlorofyl Herbal Shop. Join her on @ChlorofylKol (FB) and @chlorofyl_giftinggreens (IG)

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