Gardening additive manufacturing will hit 5 billion by 2025

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Primarily due to the effects of global warming in the northern hemisphere and polar regions, the market for additive manufacturing of gardening, and more generally of additive manufacturing of gardening products, is now expected to reach $5 billion per year from by 2025, just three years from now. These are the findings of 3dpbm Research’s latest report, “Gardening Additive Manufacturing, the next big opportunity”, which was released today, April 1, at the official launch of 3D Printing Media Network’s AM Focus Gardening.

Today, additively manufactured gardening products and gardening-specific 3D printing hardware and materials only generate around $500,000 in sales per year, which would reflect an impressive overall growth of 1,000,000% for the forecast period at an equally impressive CAGR of 24,900%. If you don’t believe us, just look at the table below.

Gardening is thus expected to become one of the main areas of 3D printing adoption, combining technologies and processes ranging from large format concrete construction 3D printing to large format polymer 3D printing (using recycled or biodegradable materials) to the manufacture on demand of gardens. decorations, including 3D printed flowers and plants, even geometrically complex ones.

Custom, on-demand, parametrically designed, weight-optimized pottery is expected to be the single largest application opportunity, generating nearly $1 billion per year by 2025 (the global pottery market is worth more than $100 billion).

Photo courtesy Vorm Vrij

The mass customization of gardens is also expected to be a very important factor for the adoption of 3D printing in gardening activities. In fact, gardens are already among the most customizable elements of any building or home product.

Based on data gathered from a survey of over 1,000 companies currently active in gardening additive manufacturing, 3dpbm Research has produced a 500-page document with hundreds of forecasts and analyzes of the gardening additive manufacturing market. gardening 3D printing.

Key content and information includes gardening AM materials (extrusion, LFAM extrusion, robotic extrusion, concrete extrusion and binder spraying), gardening AM materials (concrete, polymers, biopolymers and metals), Gardening AM and Gardening AM apps. Contact [email protected] to find out more about this new report which was released – we really want to emphasize this – on April 1st.

Terri S. Tomasini