Florida Friendly Landscaping and Gardening City of Clearwater

Gardening can be both a hobby and a healthy, rewarding lifestyle. Below are videos that feature conversations with local experts on gardening, growing your own vegetables and fruits, and helping to grow your herbs and landscaping sustainably.

“Here we grow”

Whether you’re growing food or flowers, science can help. Learn how to prepare the soil, how to water in an ecological way, how to use appropriate fertilizers and compost. Amanda Streets, eco-educator and composter extraordinaire, will show you how in this session.

“What No One Ever Told You About Birds and Bees”

In this session, we’ll hear from local native plant and ecosystem experts about how you can attract and support pollinators.

“Where does your garden grow? »

Whether you live in a private home or an apartment, there’s a gardening option for everyone, including patio gardens, community gardens, food forests, and urban farms. This session will include a panel of local expert gardeners who grow food in a variety of ways.

“An Introduction to Landscaping Suitable for Florida”

The session will discuss how to select the right plants so you can protect our precious resources, save money, and have an attractive, low-maintenance yard. The session is led by Doris Heitzman, Florida Friendly Landscaping™ Program Manager at UF/IFAS Pinellas County Extension.

Participating organizations include The Kelly Kelly Show, Florida Native Plant Society, Wilcox Nursery, Wise Hands, Living Roots Eco Design, Clearwater Garden Club, UF/IFAS Pinellas extension, Life Farms and Beacon Food Forrest.

Terri S. Tomasini