Fixing Trump Campaign ‘Four Seasons’ Landscaping Goes Further Than You Think

GETTR was supposed to be Trump’s global alternative to Twitter. But it’s inundated with extremist content, including beheading videos and terrorist propaganda.

At the end of September, the Republican National Committee booked an event and real estate company called Four Seasons Landscape and Property Services to beautify a location for a fundraiser on the west coast for the president of then, Donald Trump. The Santa Clarita-based company billed the committee $ 48,515.78 for the work. The total was paid by Trump Victory – a joint RNC and Trump campaign fundraising firm – on December 15. It first appeared in a campaign finance report filed by Trump Victory on Saturday and immediately led to speculation that this was the bill for the bailiff Giuliani.

In fact, they were two separate Trump campaign events, each involving a landscaping company named Four Seasons.

In a telephone interview, Dan Blumel, owner of Four Seasons Landscape and Property Services, said the event his company worked for took place in October. He did not say where specifically, citing a nondisclosure agreement with the client. But he revealed that a major hiccup hampered planning.

“Unfortunately,” Blumel said, “Mr. Trump has had Covid.

Indeed, Trump’s illness – which was so severe that he had to be transferred to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center – led to the jamming of two fundraisers on the west coast: a $ 25,000 per plate event in Beverly Hills and another of $ 2,800 per plate in a private residence in Newport Beach. Blumel said the event he worked on took place but President’s daughter Ivanka Trump and son-in-law Jared Kushner attended instead.

And that, thought Blumel, that was it. Trump has recovered from Covid. The election has taken place. Joe Biden won.

Except it wasn’t that simple. Days after the vote, Giuliani held his infamous press at the Four Seasons Total Landscaping of the same name, turning an obscure business into an emblem of the chaotic conspiracy hunts that were to follow. Blumel’s phone exploded with text messages from friends and acquaintances asking the obvious question: does this concern you in any way?

“We happen to have the same name as the other one,” he said. “But no, we are not affiliated.”

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Terri S. Tomasini