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When Barb and I drove to Warner Herb Company on Hwy 127 South, we weren’t ready to meet a good local gentleman with 61 years of experience reading the eyes and body politic of so many for so long time. John Warner’s Catalog and Drug Store contains hundreds of natural herbal medicinal products that he and many of his customers believe can help and cure virtually any part of a human’s biological needs. .

Warner is a very experienced iridologist. What, you say, is it? It reads your eyes to see and diagnose “what’s the matter with you!” After about two minutes he read our eyes. Barb and I were interested, as we already knew some things that he was able to diagnose quite easily without a word from us to enlighten him.

Warner told me that he had “treated” (Warner said he was not a licensed physician, just an experienced herbalist) people in the area for the past 61 years. “I was going to pick wild herbs cultivated by the good Lord. My gathering place was the fields and mountains of Cumberland, ”he said.

I asked him why it was his passion and found out that he was the kind of gentleman who wants to help people, and as he continued: “I like to give meaning to God given to the body politic. Listen, for countless centuries throughout history, Indigenous people did not have a bachelor’s degree from college, so they used the botanical bounties of the land they learned to meet their health needs. People can still do it and do it today, all over the world!

We came home each with a bag of herbal medicine.

If you would like to learn more about Warner Herb Company and its hundreds of natural herbal products, call and speak to Tonya Moseley, Store Manager, at 931-484-2131. It can offer a very interesting medicinal catalog. Warner Herb Company is located at 7365 Highway 127 South, Crossville. Visit www.warnerherbs.com.

NOTE: All information is taken from the author and his sources, and does not necessarily reflect everything the Chronicle supports or does not support in the field of healthcare.

The next day, after meeting Warner, Barb and I drove to Red Boiling Springs, TN in Macon County for their annual folk medicine festival. We have met many who are passionate about the use, collection and sale of herbal and botanical products. There were several opportunities to learn about the various enduring and down-to-earth ways of the early Native Americans and early settlers of living their daily lives. We, like the other participants, were able to see the blacksmithing, the shearing of sheep, the spinning of wool and the processing of various wild herbs and plants into all kinds of poultices and medicinal products. A guided wild herb walk and demonstrations were also available for people to learn what and where various wild herbs, flowers, leaves and roots could be identified and picked. It was a great day for so many who have come from so far to take a trip along Salt Lick Creek, learning and spending quality time with their families. For more information for a future visit, check their website at www.vision2020.com

NOTE: This is part of a two-part series of our time at Red Boiling Springs, the items we acquired for review, and our interesting and extremely unique accommodations and meals at Red Boiling Springs. Contact Bob at the following email: [email protected]

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