Designed by engineers at MIT, the Herb Garden’s built-in computer grows up to 39 plants at a time!

It’s really fun to see how demand and supply work. Herbs that cost me pennies for a bouquet a month ago now cost almost a dollar – 5 times as much. The funniest part isn’t just the rising prices… it’s also the fact that these herbs are sold regularly. This pandemic and its immediate effect on the economy and the food supply chain made me want to resume gardening at home. I had basil, cilantro, oregano, bird’s eye chili, and an aloe vera plant, but since I was traveling a lot each month, I only had one aloe vera left which is sort of on the fence. I wanted to resume gardening at home. I was fortunate enough to have a room with an attached balcony that gets tons of sun, and to be honest I probably don’t travel anywhere for the foreseeable year, and honestly can’t bring myself to pay 5 times the amount for something I can grow in my own house… and neither can you.

To be fair, gardening at home has gotten ridiculously easy over the past few years. You don’t really need the sun, soil, or even daily watering anymore, because any sufficiently advanced planter (and there are quite a few of them) will take care of everything from lighting to watering and even to the health and nutrition of plants. Many of these planters are designed to be kept anywhere in the house and can easily handle growing herbs, sprouts, microgreens and aromatics in an easier way than going to the supermarket or to say “Alexa, order me some basil”.

The herb garden takes a modular approach to indoor gardening. With a stand-alone system that meets all of your plant’s needs, a hydroponic water tank that lets you grow plants without soil, and a pod-based system that lets you plug in and grow up. 39 different herbs at one time, the herb garden is the equivalent of having an entire backyard orchard, but in a form factor that is only 30 inches long and almost 8 inches wide . The herb garden takes the guesswork out of gardening too, with sensors that help it understand what your plant needs, and WiFi connectivity that lets you know when to fill its internal water tank. Herb Garden’s in-house app even lets you know when your plants are ripe for picking and provides you with a recipe list based on what you’ve grown in your “backyard,” so to speak.

The freestanding gardening system comes with a hardwood planter base, a light module built into an acrylic frame, and an anodized aluminum frame that allows you to anchor the pods in the garden. Crafted to perfection, the wooden base and light lucite frame allow the garden to complement most homes, and the greenery growing there adds a wonderful splash of color to the apartment. The sunlight-mimicking LED lighting system focuses the light downward on each individual plant, allowing different plants to achieve different lighting according to their needs. You can even adjust the lighting patterns in the app or activate a “vacation mode” that takes care of your garden for you while you are away. Likewise, the Herb Garden uses hydroponics to keep your plant healthy and hydrated by using a water-based system instead of soil. With a dual tank setup, the self-growing garden can take care of your plants for weeks or even days. Growing your plants is as easy as adding a pod (which you get with each Herb Garden, or purchase from the Herb Garden app) in an empty slot on the 13 × 3 grid. You can either fill the garden with small micro -shoots, or space the pods if you are looking to grow larger plants. The app recognizes the layout of your garden, customizes year round care to suit each plant and even alerts you when they’re ready to harvest … free and never give in to the pressure of going to the supermarket when it is. is safer to stay at home, or even pay 5-10 times the amount for something you can very easily grow on your own.

Designer: GardenByte

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The Herb Garden – Professional Grade Smart Indoor Garden System

Designed and developed by a team of engineers at MIT, the Herb Garden uses the latest in hydroponic plant growth technology to grow fresh herbs and vegetables year round that could be proudly displayed in any home.

Features of the herb garden

Unparalleled intelligence. With a built-in computer with WiFi connectivity, over a dozen built-in sensors and the most powerful LEDs, the Herb Garden is able to grow Michelin-quality herbs and produce with minimal effort in any home. .

Feel the environment. Built-in sensors and their machine learning monitor the environment and automatically adjust garden settings for optimal plant growth.

Size matters. The herb garden is large enough to grow many full-sized aromatic plants at once. These mature plants allow for continual pruning and harvesting every day for months.

Infinitely adaptable. Each plant has a different size and shape. The 3 x 12 unit grid tray allows you to grow 39 small plants at a time or space large plants apart.

Bring in the sun. Their grow lights are four times more powerful than competing indoor gardens. 30 professional grade, high power, full spectrum grow LEDs from Germany and 30 polymer lenses from Finland were used to create the most powerful lighting array available in a home garden.

The light bar has an internal thermal management system with a variable speed fan that keeps the lights cool while not making more noise than a whisper. A separate set of 48 low wattage candle LEDs provide soft, soft lighting for your plants and adjust to suit the mood.

Always fresh. The dual tank design helps maintain a constant water level for the plant roots so that they are always properly hydrated and nourished. The roots remain completely hydrated even with an unexpected loss of power.

Precision cultivation technology. The app is connected to your garden computer and will send you real-time updates on the condition of your garden. You’ll know when to add water, when to harvest your herbs, and even how to prepare them for cooking.

Click here to buy now: $ 1299 2000 $ ($ 901 off). Hurry, there’s only 12/25 left.

Terri S. Tomasini