Burley-in-Wharfedale herb garden featured in new Incredible Edible book

The GREEN FINGERED villagers of Burley-in-Wharfedale are joining forces with communities around the world to sow the seeds for environmental and food change.

Volunteers at Burley-in-Wharfedale Herb Garden had their story published in a book by Incredible Edible, an organization that encourages communities to come together to grow, produce and share food.

The book, titled From Seeds to Solutions – The Power of Small Actions, was produced by Incredible Edible founder Pam Warhurst and poet Anne Sikking. The publication coincides with COP26.

The herb garden was founded in Burley in the summer of 2020 by resident Penny Wright and with support from the parish council and the Community Trust to celebrate the community spirit manifested in the village during the Covid-19 pandemic. Since setting up a single plot in the village square, where volunteers meet to garden and everyone can pick their own herbs for cooking and eating, two raised beds have been created behind the Burley Library where vegetables and fruits are grown for everyone to use.

The book tells the story of projects around the world, including the Burley Herb Garden. The contribution to the herb garden also includes a simple, healthy and inexpensive recipe that incorporates some of the free products grown in the plots.

Penny said, “Being part of the Incredible Edible movement has been wonderful as it has given us support in our local project while also making our group part of a larger network that benefits communities and the environment. It’s great to be able to tell our story in the book and to celebrate the positive impacts of the Herb Garden Group within our community. The herb garden only exists because of volunteers from our community, it thrives on goodwill and community spirit and the products we grow are available to all of our residents.

Incredible Edible Founder Pam Warhurst said: “We started out as an experience, which we still truly are, but what a magnificent experience – in its time – fueled by people and a simple truth that shone like a beacon of the ground in the heart of our communities. Believe in the power of small actions. Together we can change the rules and with it our future.

The book was published on November 1 by Incredible Edible CIC and is available in bookstores and via https://www.spsquare.org/product-page/seeds-to-solutions for £ 14.99. The book will be available at the Burley Library.

Terri S. Tomasini