BloomingTables allow you to create an herb garden right under your dining table!

Halfway between a table and a planter, the BloomingTables offer you inherently versatile furniture. The minimal table comes with a planter built under a glass surface, allowing you to grow plants, foster succulents, and cultivate a mini garden just below the table surface.

Designed to be the world’s first ‘living room furniture series’, the patent-pending BloomingTables allow you to grow herbs and vegetables, grow microgreens or enjoy the beauty of succulents and plants. climbing in the comfort of your home. With increasingly smaller houses and apartments and increasingly luxurious balconies, BloomingTables offer a unique aesthetic compromise – giving you a table with the added benefit of a small terrarium for your houseplants.

BloomingTables come in 4 sizes – a desk, coffee table, entryway table, and side table – all featuring a trough-shaped waterproof acrylic base and flat glass panel on top. the top. Each table has a drain valve at the bottom (just in case you want to drain excess water from the soil in your planter), and the glass panel on the top is also removable, allowing you to water , to easily prune and tend your plants!

Designer: Dustin Anthony (Flowering Tables)

Terri S. Tomasini