10 Attractive Meeting Places for Your Herb Garden | Home & Garden

Basil for the pesto, fresh oregano to spice up that red sauce, dill for the salmon fillets, grilled chicken with rosemary – what’s cooking without fresh herbs?

Everyone who loves food loves natural herbs and spices that make food delicious. The freshest herbs are grown in your own garden, windowsill or window box.

For example, if dad wants a steak for Father’s Day, check out this delicious recipe for herb butter on a nice slice of meat.

And herbs are so easy to grow. “All they need is a little sun and even a little watering, even though they live indoors. A sunny window as much as possible and good soil with good drainage and high organic value,” says Jay Ulrich of Esbenshade’s Greenhouse in Brickerville. “The grasses are more dry than wet.

And herbs are special little plants that can keep yielding all year round. Herbs can be dried for potpourri or cooking. Wrapping up small packets of labeled herb varieties can make great gifts for the holidays. When you start creating creations from your herb garden, it will be time for you to start planning your spring planting.

Now here are some great ideas for housing your herbs.

Friends on Pinterest have shared their most creative ideas for growing herbs – in containers that are sometimes quaint, sometimes crazy, but attractive and conducive to producing these beauties all summer long.

Tea Canisters – Keep vintage looking tea canisters for planting herbs right on your windowsill.

Pallet Producers – Another amazing use for an old pallet. Pack it with soil, turn it on its side and fill the slats with grass plantings.

Window hooks – any row of hooks will do. Use jars with hangers or make your own from wire and your herbs will be within easy reach.

Windowbasket Whimsy – nothing could be more convenient than opening your window and cutting down some deliciousness from your very own herb garden. In addition, Mother Nature takes care of the watering.

File Holders – Get wooden or plastic holders for office files and attach them to the outside wall planted with your favorite herbs.

Cans – Transform them by removing the labels and attaching string with each herb variety name.

Shoe shrubs – It’s as smart as everyone gets out of it. A plastic or fabric shoe rack. Plant anything there and you’ll get tons of herbs and produce that will take up very little space.

Another shoe rack

Shower caddy – add some flavor to food – with a shower caddy. Ingenious and easy to clean after the season with a hose.

Chalk one – these herbs make an attractive statement. Use small terracotta pots. Paste the tops and bottoms and paint the middle with chalkboard paint. Write on which herbs are which and change them at any time.

Stack the herbs – stacking pots with herb plantings shows how much flavor can be found in a small space.

If you have any great suggestions for herb tours, email us your photos.

Terri S. Tomasini