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Pecan Grove Garden Club meets third Tuesday each month at 6:30P (Hospitality at 6:00 P).
Presentations begin at 6:30P questions and discussion included in that hour.
Business meeting starts at 7:45P.Yuma Main Library, 2951 South 21st Drive, Yuma AZ. 85365


To educate ourselves and our community on ways to create,

improve and sustain the gardens and farms of Yuma

At every meeting there will be a Share Table for:

Plant Exchange – Share and trade plant specimens with fellow gardeners.

Plant Exchange – Share seeds, extra from your garden, or split a packet of seeds with garden friends.

Book Exchange – Share gardening/plant books, magazines and seed and gardening catalogues.



September 20 – “What Role Do Bats Play in Gardening and Agriculture?” Dr. Cecilia Vigil, Director HIS-STEM Futures and Professor of Biology at Arizona Western College, is just the expert to help us understand how these furry, fang toothed, leathery winged mammals benefit our crops.



October 18, - “From Field to Table with a Culinary Expert” Sheranne Dampier, Prof. of Culinary Arts, AWC will present a program on selecting and preparing local fruits and vegetables. Learn how to make the most of your food budget by picking the juiciest, healthiest and most delicious fruit and vegetables and the correct way to store them.



November 15, - “Oranges, Lemons, Kumquats, and Limes” Bill Watts, Master Gardener, his talk on citrus will highlight the best varieties of citrus trees to grow here in Yuma. Also, what to do before you buy the tree, how to care for it once you have it home.



January 17, - “Issues and Challenges for Maintaining Excellence in Yuma’s Agriculture” Paul Brierley, Executive Director of the UofA Yuma Center of Excellence for Desert Agriculture, will discuss challenges and opportunities facing our local farmers – including applications of technology to agriculture.



February 21, - “Floral Design for Competition” Lydia Reibel, Master Gardener and award winning floral designer, will present a program focusing on competitive floral designs. In preparation for the fair and competitions, you will learn what the judges are looking for and what you need to do to produce an award winning arrangement.



March 21, - “The Floral Business in Europe” Lois Weinstein, Master Gardener will give an illustrated talk on the business of growing, harvesting, selling, marketing and distributing flowers such as tulips and chrysanthemums in the Netherlands. Talk will feature slides taken on a tulip farm, a chrysanthemum farm and packaging plant, and auction house and the famous Keukenhof display gardens.



April 18, - “The Desert Tortoise – A Home Environment” Cindy Carey, PGGC member, will present a program on the care, feeding and housing of the Desert Tortoise.